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What Are the Options for Your Dog When You Are on a Vacation & Traveling?

What to do when it’s time for a long-awaited getaway and you decide your pooch will be accompanying you only to know your booked hotel or the special attraction in your destination doesn’t allow pets! You might have to compromise and make ultra expensive alterations in your plan. And importantly, you don’t want to be worried and immersed in taking care of your pooch because new place or a new country might make them fall ill.

So what’s the other way round? Are there any options other than putting your doggie with your neighbor who probably can’t even differentiate dog food and cat food?

Well, there are some choices for you that will make your canine friend forget the momentary grief of separation. Read about all the options and choose what’s apt for you and enjoy your holidays without worrying about your furry friend’s happiness and well-being.

1. Super Comfy Dog Boarding

Luxury boarding facilities in simple words are lavish arrangements for your four-legged friend. You should definitely go for dog boarding if your doggie doesn’t spend time alone in the daytime and seeks a lot of human attention.

There will be large kennels with super-comfy plush bedding, play areas, one on one attention to your pooch, grooming services, extra cage-free playtime, and a lot more. However, this luxury may burn a hole in your pocket as you’ll want to see your pet happy while you’re away.

And some of the dog boarding facilities provide webcam to let you spy on your furry friend. Most of the pet boarding services have employees working on the graveyard shift for late night walks and to monitor them overnight. However, there’s big cage-free play time and escape artists may find this as a great opportunity or might get himself in a dog fight.

But in a nutshell, dog boarding facilities suits most dogs as they get enough personal human attention, grooming, and a lot of cage-free playtimes.

2. Traditional Dog Kennels

Traditional dog kennels are easy to find because reputed ones have been there for quite long and word of mouth will lure you towards them. You won’t have to do much research on the internet to get your pooch admitted there. There will be less luxury to your pet but he will get everything he will need while you’re away. For example, your dog might not get the super comfortable and lavish bedding and complimentary baths but will get good dog beds to help your canine rest.


Kennels have affordable and efficient care for your canine friend. However, most of the kennels remain unmonitored after the closing time until the next morning. Traditional kennels suit the dogs who are not prone to anxiety, easygoing and happy go lucky.

3. Vet Offices

Veterinary offices can be a good home for your senior dog or your pooch having chronic health conditions which require precise care. The good thing about this option is you don’t have to worry at all about your pooch as your vet knows your dog and he can handle all the medical conditions easily.

The con of vet offices is your dog has to be in a daylong chaotic atmosphere and have to stay in a crate. There will be precise care regarding feeding time, meals, and daily walks, but extra grooming, playtime, and socializing with other pets and humans, and other complementary facilities.

After you return your vet will be able to advise you on your pooch’s health because of the time he would spend with him. The dog with a medical condition which requires regular monitoring to avoid any emergencies will be a right fit for this option.

4. Dog Walking Services

Many dog walking services provide daycare as pet sitting and visit your home as many time as you think your dog will need. The person who walks your dog every day when you’re at your workplace will take care of your dog’s meals, playtime, and walking on while you’re away enjoying your vacation.

Although, the pet sitting business is sprawling and pet sitting is getting more concerned with the dog the most dogs are monitored by only one sitter. That makes you rely on a single person. So you will have to get an emergency number handy in the case the pet sitter can’t make it to your house for pet sitting.

Dog sitting doesn’t need cages unless you want your dog in the crate between visits. And your dog will have to be alone and no one to snuggle with over the night. The best thing I like about this option is the dog will be in his familiar surroundings.

5. In-home Overnight Care

This option is a one step ahead of dog sitting service. The pet sitter will stay at your home overnight with your pooch with extra fees to take care of your canine pal. This makes a good option to choose but the thing here is that the pet sitter is a professional and they work in a timeframe, for an instance, 9 PM – 7 AM.

Before you decide to go with this option think about the legal issues. Ask to see the proof of their license, bond, and insurance. These credentials are crucial for any vendor entering in your place or interacting with your furry friend, especially for overnight service providers. It’s good to keep in mind that licensing and bonding exhibits in professionalism. Liability insurance protects the sitter and you from the potential various calamities that might occur.

A good thing is that your pooch will have someone wishing them good morning when he will be up and trying to get out of his bed.

6. Pet Sitting In A Sitter’s Home

Do you have an adventurous and playful dog who loves to socialize with other people more? This can be the right option for you. You can opt for overnight care in a sitter’s home. Your explorer dog will love the new home and his/her new playmates.

There will be so much fun and love for your pooch as he will get a lot of one on one attention. A pet sitter is a dog lover, of course. And your pooch will be spoiled under his/her observation. However, the pet sitter will have to go to his job and to complete family commitment. This means he or she will be there for your canine friend when they’re home.

7. Friends or Family

This can be a great option if at all your friends or family knows the basics of how to take care of a dog. The main advantage of this alternative is your friends and family knows how pet fanatic you are and how would you react if anything wrong happens with your pooch because of something they do.

If your friends already own dogs then this is the best option for you to choose when you’re leaving for the vacation. Although they can look after your pooch and might miss the potential signs of your dog’s condition. So it is always better to let your friends or family about your dog’s peculiar habits and weird behavior. Moreover, if you visit their place frequently, your dog won’t take much time to settle himself.

As I mentioned about family and friends who can’t differentiate the dog food and cat food is a poor option as they cannot help in the emergency situation and what your four-legged is trying to convey to them. So it’s a No-No if that’s the case.


I hope you have discovered the new options you can opt for before you decide to enroll your pet to a boarding facility or to take him with you on your vacation. These were some of the best options and if you know something else you can share it with us by commenting it below in the comment section. Enjoy your holidays without worrying about your furry friend.

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