Sunset Yoga with Goats Sunday, July 14th

by Big Frank
Millville, NJ) A fun evening surrounded by adorable fun-loving goats and a gorgeous sunset on the farm! This outdoor event will give guests a chance to relax with a variety of friendly goats while enjoying a yoga class for all ages and skill levels with Tracey Morgado.

The Barnyard Yoga experience connects you with your inner farm girl or boy, even if you didn’t know you had one! Our goats cuddle up to you, and you can’t help but fall in love with these sweet goats! The cost of the class is $30 including light refreshments and snacks. Come out to enjoy this unique yoga experience. With all yoga, it is essential, to begin with balancing your body, mind, emotion, and energy; creating inner peace. Well, the little goats over at Pampered Pup Luxury Pet Resort, located at 2709 Mays Landing Road in Millville, are sure to bring joy and peace to the yoga experience.

A variety of small goats will be playing in the outdoor area while the guests relax with some basic yoga poses. Everyone is invited to attend, children are invited to join in the fun as well. The movements and postures used in yoga can improve flexibility, strength, and muscle tone. Breathing exercises and meditation are used to promote relaxation. Experiencing yoga with the goats will be entertaining and unique while relaxing the mind and spirit. Yoga with goats is therapeutic and helps relieve the daily stresses of life! How can you be sad when there is a goat walking by? So give it a try!! It’s so much fun! Call 856-327-3880 for more information and to sign up for this exciting class. The farm will be open to the public for tours and to visit with some of other animals Pampered Pup has to offer.
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