Doggie Daycare Birthday Parties

Allow us to arrange a fun-filled day for your special friend. Birthday parties can either be arranged during daycare or by having a private party with your dog, his doggy friends and your friends! A good time will be had by all and we will capture those magic moments in pictures for you to cherish for years to come.

Dogs can sense the excitement that comes from having a special day with their furry friends even though they may not realize that it is their birthday. Most of us regard our dogs as important members of the family and want to provide them with as much appreciation as we can for the joy they bring to our lives. It is in this spirit that the entire staff at Pampered Pup would love to share in the celebration of your dog’s special day. It’s true that they may not understand the underlying reason for the occasion but dogs do love attention, so making the day all about them will definitely be enjoyed by them and that’s what ultimately matters.

Dog Birthday Party Options

Doggie Daycare Party $34.95
(in addition to daycare cost for the day)

Homemade dog cake and a gift basket for the birthday dog, with pupcakes for all atendees to go home with.

Individual Dog Party while boarding $14.95
Individual cake

Room Rental for Dog Birthday Party

Price TBD Based on Package Selected

Farm Themed Children’s

Birthday Parties - See Our Barnyard Experience page!

Price TBD Based on Package Selected