4 Tips on How to Turn Your Dog into the Perfect Neighbor


You love your dog. How could you not? They’re a member of the family!

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to feel the same way about your dog. It might not even be your pet, some people just do not like dogs. As strange as that idea might be, it’s important to keep it in mind. Below are some tips to help keep your pet from becoming a problem with the neighbors.

  1. Secure the Backyard

There is nothing worse than a dog that runs free from their yard. Not only can this be dangerous for the dog by running into oncoming cars, but also it can really annoy the neighbors. Nobody wants somebody else’s dog relieving themselves in their yard or getting into their garden.

Install a fence to prevent your dog from running into the neighbor’s yard and keep them safe. According to HomeAdvisor, it costs around $1,643-$3,857 for installation. A wooden fence is typically the stronger option. Not only does it look better, but they can be constructed tall enough to prevent your canine companion from escaping your yard.

  1. Watch the Bark

Barking is a common complaint among neighbors. Before you toss out that noise complaint, remember that your dog may practice this poor behavior when you’re not around, especially when you’re at work.

If your dog has an issue with excessive barking during the day, The American Kennel Society recommends first learning why your dog is barking. If Fido is excited every time he sees a car or squirrel outside, it can be as simple as closing the shades or obstructing his view. If Fido is bored, get him toys that provide mental stimulation like a food puzzle toy, or consider hiring a dog walker to break up his day.

If barking is an issue when you are with them, be wary of responding with scolding. If you yell, they might misinterpret it as you barking back and think it’s a game. It’s better to teach your dog that this is not the proper way to get your attention. Instead, try teaching them to be quiet on command.

  1. You Lead the Walk

When taking your dog for walks around the block, it is just as important to be mindful of your neighbors, too. You should pick up after your dog. Be sure to have plenty of disposable bags on you and do not let them urinate on other people’s lawns or properties.

Always keep your dog on the leash. Unleashed dogs make people nervous. Often this can be disengaged with a cheerful “hello” to let them know you and your dog are friendly. But this won’t always work. Some people will be scared no matter how many times you reassure them that your pet is friendly and harmless.

It is a good idea to teach your dog to stay calm and not to run up to strangers. Be respectful of the fact that not everyone likes dogs, and only let them approach if a person first asks.

  1. Take A Different Route

Unfortunately, there are some neighbors you will simply not be able to win over. In these cases, it might be best to restrict these interactions as much as possible. Do not give them any other reason to dislike your pet.

It helps to know your dog. Does Fido have issues with people in uniform like delivery drivers or mailmen? Bikers? Other dogs or animals? Watch out for these scenarios while at home and out on walks so that you can calmly avoid a situation where your pet might act out.

Proper Pet-iquette

No one is going to love your dog as much as you do. However, knowing your dog and training them to politely interact with strangers is a good way to stay on good terms with other people.

Being mindful of your neighbors is simply smart pet etiquette.

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