Thank goodness one of Jess’s kind hearted friends found these two abandoned kittens in their shed, wet and cold from all the rain we have had. It is frightening to think about the fate of these kittens had they not been found. Fearing for their safety, she scooped them up and contacted Jess right away. Jess has had great success with fostering abandoned kittens that have been found in a variety of circumstances. She is our resident kitten whisper and has had great success socializing and rehabilitating a plethora of kittens, no matter the circumstance or the financial strain on her family. Previously she has paid for all of their various needs out of her own pocket but now she needs our help.

This bonded pair of kittens is in need of more medical attention then she and her family can afford. These adorable siblings are barely 3 weeks old and already have faced such a tough start in life but thankfully there are people like Jess and her friend that are willing to put the health and happiness of animals in need above their own.

If you or anyone you know is able to support Jess in this life saving endeavor, please consider helping her raise the money needed to give these little munchkins the medical assistance they need.

Donations towards their medical bills can be sent directly to Wilwynn Animal Hospital in Bridgeton. They will both be examined tomorrow and the extent of their medical needs will be assessed. The little girl seems to be in the worst shape but both her and her brother appear to have eye infections but the extent of the ocular damage is unknown at this time.

We will also be accepting donations for their care at Pampered Pup. Food, litter, and financial support are all greatly appreciated. Jess will be keeping us posted on their progress ❤🐾🐱

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the newly formed Wonderland Farm Animal Sanctuary for their donation to assist with the veterinary expenses incurred. More care will be required, so your own donations will be much appreciated.


The siblings went to Wilwynn Animal Hospital this morning and are both bundles of energy today. Amazing what a good nights rest and a few good meals can do!

After spending the night with them and realizing just how bonded they are to each other Jess and her family decided to name them Sonny and Cher because as they would call out for each other Jess was reminded of the popular song “I Got You Babe”.

Thankfully the girl’s eye scabs fell off so Dr. Mac could get a better look at what was going on under all the yucky eye gunk. The kittens are both on antibiotics for the next two weeks and then he can reassess any damage the eyes may have. It is a precarious situation because you want to be be sure the eyes are clean and healing from the infection however too much poking and prodding can lead to more damage and even the eye being rejected! The baby girls eyes are already starting to ease back into the socket as the swelling goes down.

Great job caring for these sweet babies Jessica Elliott! Though Dr. Mac and his staff are amazing, there are quite a few medical expenses expected including today’s thorough exam and the recheck. After the antibiotics are in their system and knock out this infection any damage the severe infection may have caused can be properly assessed and treated. If you have the means donations for their vet expenses can be made directly to Wilwynn Animal Hospital. Donations for their care will be accepted at Pampered Pup.

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