Dog Boarding Concerns

Choosing a pet resort is important when travel and unforeseen circumstances disrupt an owner’s ability to properly care for their dog. There are thousands of boarding facilities in the United States and Canada that are specifically designed for the short-term, overnight care of pets. In order to give your furry friend a safe, enjoyable and stress-free experience, there are a number of factors to consider.


Each resort has different practices and abilities when it comes to caring for pets with specific needs (young puppies, pets with specific medication and eating schedules, giant breeds, etc.). Before deciding on any facility, it is important to call ahead and find out if a pet’s needs can be met. Once a facility has been contacted, arrange a visit so the resort can be evaluated for cleanliness, space and general appearance, among other things. It is important to remember that certain places have “No Visitor” policies, others schedule specific appointment times and others have an open door policy for walk in tours.


Pets should be supervised regularly by someone trained to recognize signs of distress and illness. Staff should be trained to recognize various symptoms (lethargy, blood in stool, blood in urine, coughing, sneezing, or nasal/ocular discharges) in order to seek veterinary care if it is required.

Proper Sanitation

Facilities should be clean and sanitary (free of dirt, feces, odors and parasites) and should follow a rigid schedule of disinfection. If there is any word of outbreaks of infectious canine diseases in the area, facilities should take proper procedures to combat those diseases through requesting immunization records and disinfection of facilities.

Animal Health Care

There a number of things a resort should have in order to ensure the health of its canine guests.

  • Water: Clean, individual water containers should be provided for all pets and regularly changed and filled.
  • Food: Resorts have varying policies regarding the brands and types of food they will give to pets. Also, many places allow and encourage owners to provide food for their pet. For an owner, it is important to know policies.
  • Veterinary Care: It is important to know the facility’s procedure regarding veterinary care if needed. Resorts will sometimes have a vet on premises or use most use the pet’s normal vet whenever possible.
  • Immunization Screening: All resorts should have a screening process for its potential guests to make sure all immunizations are up to date. Ensuring immunizations are current will prevent outbreaks of illness among pets.
  • Medication Policies: If a pet requires ongoing treatment with medication, owners must bring their own in the original container.
  • Parasite Control: If the area in which the resort is located is known for parasites (fleas or ticks) many facilities will encourage the use of flea and tick preventatives.

Need Safe Boarding for Your Pet?

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