Benefits of Dog Grooming

All of us at Pampered Pup Luxury Pet Resort believe that keeping a dog well groomed has many benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Dog grooming is important for a variety of reasons. A lack of grooming can cause a number of health problems, change a dog’s ability to move comfortably and even cause financial burden due to the extensive work skipping grooming appointments adds to the regular maintenance visit. The best way for an owner to keep themselves and their furry friend the happiest, is to institute a regular regimen of grooming. Here are some benefits that regular dog grooming will provide.

One of the Benefits of Dog Grooming is a Higher Level of Comfort

As almost every owner can attest, grooming a dog that doesn’t want to be groomed is, to say the least, an ordeal for both parties. To ensure the most stress-free experience possible, training a dog to allow grooming can be essential. It is important that if an owner wishes their dog to be comfortable with the process, exposing the dog to regular grooming early in their lives is key. The more a puppy is exposed to grooming, the more obedient or agreeable they will be when it is performed throughout the rest of their life – the same concept is true for humans. This will translate to other things as well. The exposure a dog has to the grooming process, such as handling feet, blow dryers etc, especially at a young age, the easier and quicker it becomes in the future.

Healthy Skin and Coat

Part of the grooming process is bathing. Regularly bathing a dog with high quality shampoos will help keep the skin clean and healthy. Scrubbing, blow drying and brushing will help remove dead skin and excess hair to allow the dog’s skin to enjoy free air flow. This can apply to dogs of all hair lengths. Clean, tangle free hair allows the dog to be protected by their coat the way nature intended.

Reduced Shedding

The process of brushing and blow drying the dog’s coat removes loose hairs. This will reduce the amount of hair spread to ever corner of the household. De-shedding hair treatments can also be used to reduce shedding.

Preventative Measures

When grooming a dog, owners and groomers have the opportunity to examine the dog from head to toe. Both owners and professional pet stylists, can spot any abnormalities such as lumps, abrasions, cuts and other sores to address them quickly to avoid more serious health concerns.

Normal Maintenance

Grooming presents the opportunity to provide a dog with standard nail and ear maintenance. Long toenails can trap dirt, lead to breakage and infection and dirty ears can also lead to infection.

Another Benefit of Dog Grooming is the Avoidance of Mats

Cleaning and brushing hair regularly will prevent mats from forming. Mats are chunks of hair that have become knotted. When the hair is knotted it pulls the skin tight. When the skin is constantly being pulled tight it can create redness, irritation and abrasions, possibly leading to ulcers and infection. Once mats have formed, remedial action often means shaving the hair short, almost to the skin. In addition, hair around the dog’s paws and pads, eyes, and hindquarters should be trimmed regularly to avoid possible knotting and infection.

A Good Looking Canine

Finally, after all that effort and grooming your dog will look good, boosting your confidence as a responsible dog owner, and making your pooch happy and healthy as well. We offer complete, profession dog grooming at Pampered Pup Luxury Pet Resort and our dedicated staff will be happy to discuss your pets particular grooming needs and to schedule an appointment for you. Give us a call at 856.327.3880.

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