Basic Dog Training Tips

Dogs are incredibly smart animals. They can be trained to do numerous things and for many purposes. It is up to the owner to demonstrate to their canine companion what is expected of them. After all, dogs seek their owner’s approval and the goal is to have each dog be a well behaved family member. Here are some basic tips for training your pup.

Be Consistent

send a clear message for your dog to understand. If the message becomes muddled, it will be much harder for your dog to grasp. For example, if there are three people in the house and everyone asks a dog to sit differently is makes it that much harder for the dog to understand what is being asked of them.

Giving commands more than once gives your dog the impression that ignoring those commands is ok or expected. It appears to the dog that what should be a one word command is now a three word command, example, ‘sit sit sit’ versus just giving the command one time and getting the desired result. Give commands only once to ensure that your dog understands what is being asked.

Praise and Reward

Rewarding the desired behavior is the key to success. If a dog performs the right action, give a treat and praise. This will help solidify the training in your dog’s mind.

Be Smart

Choose the right time of day to work with your dog. The time of day can make all the difference. Furthermore, don’t give a command unless you believe your dog understands and will obey or if you are in are in a position to help your dog get it right. For example, do not ask your dog to come if you are not confident they will listen and you cannot make them complete the command given i.e. by being on a long leash.

Be Calm and Happy

Dogs are extremely sensitive to tone of voice and body language. When giving commands, be calm and assertive and once your dog completes said commands, show you are happy. Showing your dog praise afterwards acts not only as an affirmation of the right action, but also as part of the reward.

Potty Training

If your dog spends a lot of time indoors, as many do, training your dog to potty outside is possibly the most important piece of training – for obvious reasons. This process should begin the day you bring home your puppy.

A few potty training tips:

  • Regular meal schedule – Keeping your puppy on a regular eating schedule will in turn create a regular schedule for training.
  • Offer frequent opportunity – Give ample opportunity to go outside. Go outside in the morning, then every 30-60 minutes. Also take it outside following meals and naps.
  • Familiarity equals comfort – Always take you dog to the same spot. This will create familiarity and more readily do the deed.
  • Stay outside with your dog – When you take your dog outside, go with them and stay until business is through or it is obvious no business will be done. Turning your dog loose on the yard will help it believe it can just go wherever and can easily turn potty time into playtime.
  • Praise – Give your dog some love when it is successful. Even offer a treat or do an activity your dog enjoys.

Obedience Training

Basic commands of obedience are essential. While dogs remain great to be around, disobedient dogs can be the opposite.

Here are some of the basic commands every dog should have under their belt:

  • Sit – Helps keep you in control of any situation.
  • Down –Teach your dog to lay in position until released
  • Place – Teach your dog to go to one spot and stay calmly until released
  • Drop – Teach your dog to drop whatever is in their mouth, instantly. Teaching this command will not only help smooth play time, but also keep your dog from harm if it ever picks up anything dangerous.
  • Stay – Teach your dog to remain in one place; calm and still.
  • Heel – Teaching your dog to stay close to you while walking, without lagging or pulling, will make walks a breeze.
  • Come – This command is essential. To have your dog come to you at your command could potentially keep your dog from harm. This should be taught as soon as a puppy recognizes its name.

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