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Vacationing and Traveling With Your Dog

by Clara Lou
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What Are the Options for Your Dog When You Are on a Vacation & Traveling? What to do when it’s time for a long-awaited getaway and you decide your pooch will be accompanying you only to know your booked hotel or the special attraction in your destination doesn’t allow pets! You might have to compromise and make ultra expensive alterations in your plan. And importantly, you don’t want to be worried and immersed in taking care of your pooch because new place or a new country might make them fall ill. So what’s the other way round? Are there any […]

How Pet Owners Keep a Spotless Home

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When it comes to companionship, love, and laughter, it’s hard to beat the addition of a dog to your household.  At the same time, though, our beloved canines bring with them a certain amount of upkeep for maintaining a clean home.  Here’s how you can ensure your house is spotlessly clean without spending a fortune. Staying ahead of odors As much as we love our furry family members, most of us don’t want our homes to harbor pet-related smells.  ImproveNet offers some terrific tips for deodorizing your house from top to bottom, and points out baking soda can treat nearly […]