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Kitten Rescue

by Big Frank
in Blog
  Thank goodness one of Jess’s kind hearted friends found these two abandoned kittens in their shed, wet and cold from all the rain we have had. It is frightening to think about the fate of these kittens had they not been found. Fearing for their safety, she scooped them up and contacted Jess right away. Jess has had great success with fostering abandoned kittens that have been found in a variety of circumstances. She is our resident kitten whisper and has had great success socializing and rehabilitating a plethora of kittens, no matter the circumstance or the financial strain […]

4 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health

by Aurora James
in Blog
4 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health Although it might seem like a recent trend, animal-assisted healing or “pet therapy” has been around since the 1800s. Even Florence Nightingale observed that the companionship provided by small pets was beneficial to people with chronic injuries. Fast forward to the modern age, and researchers have conducted many studies into pet therapy, with promising results. Here are four key ways that pets can help improve mental health. Stress and Anxiety Any pet owner could tell you that a furry companion can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels — when they’re not […]